Black Forest Medical Group & IMEDCARE Partnership

Innovative Medcare Technology is pleased to announce its partnership with Black Forest Medical Group. 

Black Forest Medical Group is the leading company in the field Cranial Stabilization and Brain Retraction in Neurosurgery. The Brand DORO celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2020 and Black Forest Medical Group has been active in Neurosurgery for 25 years. Its DORO products have been supporting neurosurgeons worldwide since 1995 and in Australia and New Zealand since 2001.

 Innovative Medcare Technology is a trusted partner of Black Forest Medical Group since 2007. Our longstanding cooperation in China has always been driven by the common desire to satisfy our customers with the best medical equipment and services available. DORO has been designed to perfectly match with neurosurgeons curriculum and desire.

 It is with pleasure that we can now offer this dedication and reliability in service together with Innovative Medcare Technology Australia to neurosurgical healthcare providers in the highly developed and beautiful countries of Australia and New Zealand too.

Roman Maier Managing Director

pro med instruments GmbH a part of the Black Forest Medical Group